Q. How much is the shipping cost?

A. We offer $9.95 flat-rate standard shipping by USPS or UPS Ground for all orders. (continental U.S. only)

Q. How long does it take for order to ship? (including samples)

A. Usually within 3 business days. Most orders ship on same day or next day (except for weekend and holidays).

Q. What happens if an item is backordered?

A. Sometimes demand outpaces supply and we fall short. The backordered item will ship as soon as it becomes available. Typically, the delay will be no more than 2-3 weeks.

Q. How do you ship samples?

A. We ship by regular USPS 1st Class Mail at no shipping charge.


Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and Paypal. We also accept checks and money orders. Please contact us before sending money orders.

Q. Do you cut the film I'm ordering to custom size, like cut into 18 pieces of 12 in. x 18 in. for me?

A. No, we cut roll length only.


Q. Can the film be placed on bathroom shower doors? I was wondering if the humidity and moisture will cause the film to peel off.

A. Yes, it can. Apply the film outside of shower door. If circumstances allow, please do not use it for about 1 week to 10 days after the film installation for dry out. But this is not necessarily needed.

Q. Can your films be installed on Plexiglas?

A. If it's not facing outdoors, and you are going to use inside of your house, like room dividers or something, and air-conditioned room, its okay to install. Unlike glass or mirror, Plexiglas intends to shrink and expand by temperature, it may cause many small air bubbles between glass surface and film as time goes on.

Q. The windows have a texture to them, kind of a bumpy hammered type for some privacy. Would I be able to use your film on my windows?

A. No, surface of the windows must be totally flat and smooth glass, otherwise it will come off.

Q. Your instruction says "leave a gap of 1/8 inch between all edges of the film and the window frame." Why?

A. We recommend leaving a gap 1/8”, or even 1/16”, because it makes easier to squeeze out wetting solution when you are applying and prevent risk of coming off. If you placed the film to just fit within the window frame, with no gap, the wetting solution would rise the film up near the area where the film and window frame were touching, and would not stick those area after dry out.


Q. What is the durability of the material? i.e., how many months/years does it last?

A. This depends on the location you are going to install (bathroom, living room, air conditioned room or not...), and where are you living, but in general 3-5 years is no problem.

Q. What is the color durability?

A. Color fastness test to light (Fadeometer 200 hours), all films had no fading. Also in a durability test to heat (179F, 7days), all films had no change.

Q. Will your film block UV rays, to stop fading my furniture, carpet, etc…?

A. Not particularly. The film is primarily for decoration and privacy purposes. It is important to understand there are multiple causes for fading, UV rays, visible light, infrared rays, heat, and not all of our films reduce all of them significantly.

Q. What is a Privacy Code?

A. The Privacy Code indicates the level of transparency provided by our Glass Film. The different codes that we use are described below:

    • Good Privacy - These films offer good privacy. However, the closer you are to the film, either inside or out, vague shapes and colors will be visible.
    • Semi Privacy - Close objects are distorted but visible. As you move away from them, their visibility will decrease.
    • Clearly Visible - Objects on either side are clearly visible, regardless of distance from the glass.
Q. How to remove the glass film?

Please follow the steps described below:

    • peel off the film as it grips a little with a thin flat-blade screwdriver etc. at the corner of the film. Be careful not to scratch the window with the screwdriver.
    • peel slowly while applying a diluted detergent solution (500 ml of water to a few drops of dishwasher detergent) between the glass and the film.
    • Since the adhesive remains on the glass, remove it with a window scraper.